[Copy] Kissin 2.5” SATA SSD 1TB Hard Drive For Desktop Black Plastic Case

Short Description:

❤  High-quality TLC flash, combined with industry- leading high-quality controller.

❤  7mm plastic case, easy to install in desktop  laptop computers.

❤  Suitable for desktops,notebooks, mini computers, all-in-ones, and other commercial PC

❤   The shock-proof, durable, and extremely  reliable SSD represents the absolute best  quality in the field.

❤   Read Speed (MAX): 550 MB/s; Write Speed  (MAX): 500 MB/s.

❤   3-year limited warranty.

  • Storage capacity: 120GB 128GB 240GB 256GB 512GB 960GB 1TB 2TB
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    Extend the Life of Your Laptop or Desktop PC

    Upgrade your computer with a fast SSD. Your old computer acts like a new machine with faster boot-ups, shutdowns and app response times.


    Faster Boot-ups, Shutdowns, and App Response

    High sequential read speeds of up to 550MB/s and sequential write speeds of up to 500MB/s translate into better performance for everything you do, performing faster than a typical hard disk drive.


    Durable Solid State Design

    With no moving parts, the KISSIN SSD is engineered to resist shock and vibration, helping to keep your data safe through life's bumps and bruises.


    3D NAND technology improves reliability and power efficiency

    Features advanced 3D NAND flash memory for higher reliability and better energy efficiency than traditional SSDs equipped with 2D NAND flash memory. This product offers increased durability and longer battery life, allowing you to work longer without constantly charging your laptop.

    Fast transfer speed, fast startup

    Driven by a high-quality controller and raw synchronous NAND flash, it offers incredibly high transfer speeds for fast boot times, fast application loading and fast file processing.

    SLC cache technology improves performance and extends lifespan

    The "SLC cache technology" is specially applied, so that all data is written to the SLC part first, so as to obtain higher peak write performance. Additionally, this technology reduces write amplification, providing better endurance and longer lifespan for SSDs.

    Supports multiple technologies

    This is one of the lightest and thinnest SSDs in its class, but since it contains no moving parts, it is shock and vibration resistant. In addition, it is equipped with monitoring system and ECC technology to ensure higher data transmission security.

    1 year warranty

    KISSIN SSD comes with 1 year warranty.

    Excellent Performance

    Please note the test result only for your reference.The actual speed might be influenced by different test platforms. test software versions and so on.


    Safe Delivery

    Secure hard drives with sturdy packaging and fast shipping to theirdestination. We provide individual packaging for end user customers.


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